Explore the map as a Fox! 

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Smooth animation and smooth wall jumps! I think u should add a limits to the numbers of wall jumps u can perform before touching the ground

That's a great idea! Maybe like a stamina mechanic or something? I'll definitely look into it.

You actually added a stamina gauge so we can't indefinitely jumps, nice work !


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Fui tentar abrir seu jogo e deu erro de versão, estou usando Windows 8.1, 32 bits

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Managed to update the project's Unity Build to an older, LTS version. I also built a new version to just play in the browser. Hopefully that solves your issue? 

I only made it a downloadable because I was struggling to get a Web Build working. Glad I managed to at least resolve my issue!

But please let me know if it still isn't working for you.